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lush_staff's Journal

A Community for Employees of Lush
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absolutes, advice, africa companion, american cream, angels on bare skin, aqua mirablis, aromatherapy, b, b never, b never too busy, b scent, baby face, ballistics, bare naked lady, bath and shower, bath ballistics, bath bombs, bath melts, bath products, bathos, baths, best sellers, bitching, blue skies, bnevertoobusytobbeautiful, body butters, bohemian, bubble bar slices, bubble bars, buffy, buffy-the-backside-slayer, butter creams, buying, carnaby street, catalogues, ceridwens cauldron, christmas specials, cleansers, close-ups, conditioner, cosmetics, costmetics, covent garden, creamy candy, customers, dear john, deodorants, dirty, dream cream, dreamtime, dusting powders, essential oils, facial soaps, facials, fever, flying fox, fragrance, fragrances, fresh, fresh face masks, fresh facial masks, gift baskets, gift vouchers, gifts, ginger, glam rock hair glitter, glitter, glitterbugs, gorgeous, gossip, hair care, hair masks, hand & body creams, hand cream, hat boxes, helping hands, hot java, i should coco, jelly, karma, keep it fluffy, ladyboy, lavender, lip balm, long soaks, love, lush, lush cosmetics, lush hand made cosmetics, lush handmade cosmetics, lush products, lush staff, lush times, luxury bath melts, mail order, mark constantine, massage bars, melting marshmallow moment, milky bar, moisteriser, moisturizers, natural costmetics, natural ingredients, ocean salt, organic, pampering, pied de pepper, products made by 'kris', recycling, retail, ribbons, sakura, samples, secret stashes, selling, sex bomb, shampoo, shampoo bars, shimmy shimmy, shower gels, shower jellies, silky underwear, skin care, skin conditioners, skin drink, smellies, smitten, smoothies, snake oil, snowcake, soap, soaps, solid shampoo, spending, the soft touch, therapy, think pink, tips, toner, toners, training, two hearts, waving not drowing, work, working